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Dentures are a great way to restore your smile and help eliminate discomfort, especially when eating. At The Denture Centre, we offer full, partial and immediate dentures for St. John’s area patients. Our denturist will work with you to determine what type of dentures will be right for you and your oral health. And if you already wear dentures, but find them to be ill-fitting and uncomfortable you may need a rebase or reline. We pride ourselves on offering our patients personalized denture services in a stress-free environment. Are you ready to get your smile back? If so, contact The Denture Centre today to schedule an appointment.


Full dentures are used when patients have no remaining natural teeth. They feature a removable prosthesis that replaces all missing upper and lower teeth. Through consultations and exams, your denturist at The Denture Centre will provide you with professional advice on what dentures will work best for you. Many times, standard dentures will help you chew and can fit comfortably but are designed using basic tooth shades and shapes. For some patients, especially those with gum issues or unusual bites may need a more personalized denture. These dentures are created using impressions of your mouth and taking into account your specific jaw movements. Patients find that these types of dentures provide improved aesthetics, fit more comfortably and function much better than standard dentures.


A partial denture is typically used to replace one or more teeth and is customized specifically for each patient. These types of dentures will restore a patient’s natural appearance and allow them to chew and speak more clearly. Partial dentures are either supported by both tooth and tissue or just a tooth. Your denturist will help you decided which is best for you by factoring in things like the number of teeth remaining, the stability of surrounding teeth and much more. Partials can also be made of several different materials, each with their own advantages:

  • Acrylics: Typically used was a traditional or temporary replacement of missing teeth. 

  • Metal and acrylic combination: Also called a cast partial, this is a more rigid and permanent denture. 

  • Thermoplastic: This has superior aesthetics and flexibility and is designed to be removed nightly.


To avoid situations where you will be without teeth, your denturist may advise you to get immediate dentures. This technique involves taking impressions of a patient’s mouth where natural teeth remain and then your denturist will create a denture matching the likeness of your natural teeth. Then when the natural teeth are removed, the immediate denture will be inserted allowing you to go through the healing process without having any missing teeth.

For more information about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment, contact The Denture Centre today.


Check out photos of some of our patients and their smile transformations

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